Smart Payment Gateway


SmartPG is open for Start-up Fintechs to
accelerate innovation and lower the entry
barrier into PSD2 space


How would your business look like if banking were effortless?

We are here to show you! 


Meet Smart Payment Gateway, or SmartPG, an API Hub that helps businesses accelerate electronic payments and financial management services.

Sounds good, right? But why would it be good for you?

Let’s start with the beginning - the 2015 update to the Payment Services Directive enabled financial institutions to expose their APIs to certified third-party providers. This open banking model brings new opportunities, but it also brings new challenges.

So how can you profit from these changes without spending a lot of time and resources?




Let's get started!

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This is where SmartPG comes into play


Instead of putting in the hard work to integrate with each financial institution, you can connect to a single API Hub that does it for you.

We develop our solutions using the best in class technology, with IBM API Connect as the core engine for our hub. The cloud-native architecture of SmartPG is highly scalable and can be adapted to your specific business needs.


We have a long history in digital transformation. We know what you need in order to develop an innovative fintech app. That is why SmartPG offers the best user experience while uncompromising the security that is essential in the banking industry.